Boy Scout Troop 45

Camping Trip Personal Gear Checklist

Sleeping bag Mattress pad
Pillow Clock
Underwear Long underwear
Socks - wool Socks - cotton
Long pants - not jeans Shorts
Uniform shirt Uniform pants / shorts
Tee shirts Wool jacket
Heavy coat Boots
Sandals or tennis shoes Hat or toboggan
Gloves Rain gear
Swim trunks Camp stove / gas bottle
Matches Fire starter
Personal Frying pan Plate
Mug Spoon, knife, fork
Canteens Pocket knife
Water purifier Flashlight and batteries
Toothbrush / toothpaste Hair brush
Mirror First Aid kit
Toilet paper Small towel
Bandanna Pen and pad
Scout handbook Maps and compass
Sun protection Sunglasses
Mosquito repellent Camera and film